Kelsie | RHS 2020 | Going to the Country

Kelsie’s simple senior session on the farm was so refreshing, natural and laid back. The simple white tank paired with her favorite jeans and sandals were the perfect outfit choice to compliment this Central Illinois farm. You don’t always have an elaborate and extensive clothing selection for beautiful portraits. Sometimes K.I.S.S is best…. (are you guys to young to know what that means???)

Senior GirlsBrooke Tay
Madison | Uptown Normal, IL | Prairie Central Senior

Meet Madison, a 2019 Prairie Central senior who is a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter and pretty cool cat with a hip vibe. To fully encompass her vision, we started her session with open fields and her guitar in country before we headed to Uptown-Normal for that chill urban feel. While Madison was rockin out in front of the North Street Records, she had people stop and listen! You can check out Madison’s music on YouTube HERE (MadisonxBell)

Senior GirlsFUZE